Walden Town Hall Office Hours

8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday  -  1836 Taft Highway 37377


Contact us

Mailing address: Town of Walden, PO Box 335, Signal Mountain, TN 37377

Phone: 423-886-4362

Fax: 423-886-7953


Trash Pick Up – Every Friday


Walden zoning ordinance information    chcrpa.org


Walden City Charter-Code    click here


Pumpkin Patch Playground Hours: Sunrise to Sunset



Pumpkin Patch Playground Pavilion Rental Information  423-886-4362



McCoy Property Information  McCoy


Bachman Community Center Information

Bachman CC


Mission Statement

"To be a community that attracts families who can live here through the phases of life, provide for an orderly and cohesive development pattern that maintains a small town atmosphere with rural character and green spaces, and preserves pristine natural areas for the enjoyment of its residents."


Town Officials

Mayor – William Trohanis

Vice Mayor – Dr. Thom Peterson

Alderman – Lee Davis

Town Recorder – Fern Lockhart

Town Attorney – Sam Elliott

Town Judge – Herbert Thornbury